Universal Rockets Inc.
TV-01 Casey Express
Universal Rockets Inc.
We Design, Build, and Fly Rockets!
Kinds O' Rockets!
Design, Build, Fly! That's what it's All About!
Launch Equipment, Tools, Supplies, the things you need to make your Rocket Fly!
Airframes, Fins, Cans, Nosecones, Payloads, Accessories, the stuff of your Rocket!
Solid, Hybrid, Liquid, Gas, the parts that lifts your Rocket!
Parachute, Glide, Rotor, the pieces to bring back your Rocket!
Altimeters, Telemeters, Timers, Video, the sparks that guide your Rocket!
Passive, Active, R/C, Autonomous, make it go where with the whats of your Rocket!