DynaSoar™ Project
DynaSoar - The World's First Civilian SubOrbital Reusable Spaceplane!
"The World's First Civilian Manned SubOrbital/Orbital Reusable SpacePlane!"™
Introducing:  DynaSoar™

Designed and developed for opening up Civilian Space Access via
DynaSoar Project X-20

The DynaSoar™ is a three-seat fighter-sized vehicle with a high
performance delta wing configuration which provides great flight
characteristics at both subsonic and supersonic speeds.

The vehicle is powered by a rocket engine, enabling it to accelerate to
speeds just over 3,500 fps (2,386 mph) and reach altitudes in excess of
350,000 ft. (106 km) providing the experience of Zero-G for four to six

The cabin is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature and
pressure for the crew while providing an excellent view of the Earth from
the edge of space. It is constructed with many of the same systems as a
normal jet aircraft, but also includes the features required for suborbital
flight capability including a rocket engine, reaction control system (RCS),
and internal air supply.

DynaSoar™ operates from ordinary airfields well within the
established rules and practices for experimental aircraft.

Universal Aerospace, Inc. is targeting the DynaSoar™ Series of
and Orbital spaceplanes for our RocketRides, as well as
Small Satellite Launches.

Length: 35 ft. 4 in.
Width: 20 ft. 8 in.
Height: 8 ft. 6 in.
Diameter: 7 ft.
GTOW: 18,000 lbs.

Rocket Engine: 1 - AJ-10 Regenerative @ 10,000 lbs. thrust
Fuel and Oxidizer Propellant: Kerosene/LOX

Payload Capacity: 1 - Pilot, 1 - Co-Pilot, and 1 - Crew/Tourists
Pressure: 10 psi
DynaSoar X-20 - Simulation Cockpit View
DynaSoar/RamRocket - Civilian Orbital Vehicle!
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