Technology and Science
Peace Through Knowledge and Exploration of the Universe!
Helping the People move toward Peace,
Knowledge, and Exploration of the Universe!
Technology will lead us to do the Science we need
for the
Future we will have Today!
Universal Aerospace Inc. - Providing AeroSpace Solutions to the Universe!
Universal Computers Inc. - That Does Compute!
Space Challlenge! - Taking US into Space!
Design, Build, Fly! That's what it's All About!
Universal Robotics Inc. - The Way of the Future!
Need a Hand!  Well we have the Arms, Legs, and
Body Too!
Universal Rocketry Associaton - The Official Governing Body for Rocketry in the Universe!
3,2,1.....LiftOff!  Introducing the Official Governing
Body of Rocketry!  
Throughout the Universe!
Universal AutoMotive Inc. - Driving into the Future!
Drive into the future!  Take a trip into Style!  Leading
the pack and never
Looking Back!
Thing! Theory - by Terry W. Wheelock PdD.
The Most Important THINGS in the Universe!
Universal Rocket Inc. - We Design, Build, and Fly Rockets!
We Design, Build, and Fly! All Kinds O' Rockets!
The Universal Space Society - A Place in Space for Everyone!
If You Dream of going into Space or just Love and are
by it, we have a place for YOU!
The Universal Research Institute!
The Universal Research Institute developing
Future for us All!
The Future of Infinite Energy!
Universal Energy Inc. - The Future of Infinite Energy!