Space Challenge!™
Let the Never Ending Challenge Begin!
Space Challenge!
We make the Challenge!
You Build It!
Compete Against the Best!
for a
Chance at the Prize!
Choose Your Challenge!
Rover™ Challenge:  Build a Camera Rover for Us to Explore the Moon!
Lander™ Challenge:  Build a Lunar Lander to Land Us on the Moon!
Power™ Challenge:  Build a Power Generation Station To Power Us!
Booster™ Challenge:  Build a Vehicle Booster Device to Lift Us Up!
Launcher™ Challenge:  Build a Space Launcher to Get Us There!
Orbital™ Challenge:  Build a Space Craft to Let Us Experience!
Station™ Challenge:  Build a Place in Space for Us to Go!
Work™ Challenge:  Build a WorkSuit for Us to Get it Done!
Resource™ Challenge:  Build a Builder for Us to Have Stuff!
Habitat™ Challenge:  Build a Home for Us to Stay In!
Challenging the Future for All Humanity!
PTP™ Challenge:  Build a Point to Point Suborbital Vehicle!
Questions: Contact Us!
Space Challenge Conference! 2020
Location and Date Coming Soon!