The Universal Research Institute
Developing a Future for US All!
The Universal Research Institute
Research Projects:
We are Researching the Questions

Everyone wants to Know the Answers too!
More Coming Soon!
God Is - All that Is, Was, and Will Ever Be!
By popular request a book that explains
God's relationship to the Universe!
The 7 Stages of Civilization!
Every Civilization goes through these
stages, will America make it?
The Universal Cosmological Theory
The Universe is Infinite and There is Order
and it is Governed by the Universal Law!
Thing Theory!
The Things that make the Universe Go
Why We Are, Who We Are!
Finally, Why We Are, Who We Are. The
book that answers the questions about US!
Civilian Space Access Study!
We want to know, if YOU wanna GO!

On Going Survey!
Curing Cancer! - Body Rust
The best way to Cure It, is to Know It!
Sometimes your auto requires a little Body Work!
Homosexuality is an issue that can be dealt with
like any other personal issue!
Homosexuality is Wrong! Butt that's Alright!
"God's" Things work a certain way and once you
know that you know how the Universe Works
and how God Works!
Einstein was right, but only to the point of his
vision!  That is why he never achieved the
solution to Infinitely Unify the theory!
Einstein was Right! - well Mostly!
Physics & Cosmology
Health and Medicine
Steven was on the right path until he went
commercial! Now he is lost with the rest! The
answer IS in Infinity!
Hawking and Friends Are Wrong!